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James Brunacci – Lending Manager

As our Lending Manager, James is the one making things tick day to day and is the face of the business for all our clients. James is passionate about improving people’s financial knowledge, confidence, and decision making. He has worked in nearly every facet of the Home Loan industry. From assisting those in financial hardship, to assisting first-home-buyers with their very first purchase, to providing financial advice on Self-Managed Super Funds and property within them, to assisting those in the most unusual of situations to purchase a property, James has done it all. It is this experience that he brings with him every time he walks into a meeting, picks up a phone, or answers an email, and it is this experience that will allow you to make your financial decisions with confidence and accuracy.
If you’re buying an investment property or your first home, refinancing for a better rate or restructuring your portfolio, James can break down the overload of information, give clear and insightful options, and ensure that you are accurate, informed, and protected in all situations. 

Ruchi Panwar – Director and Chief Financial Officer

As the owner and Chief Financial Officer of JR Financial, Ruchi is both the greatest supporter and greatest critic of the business. While not an advisor herself, she has an incredible passion for helping people to reach their potential. She saw that poor financial habits were one of the major roadblocks to people creating freedom for themselves and wanted to do what she could to assist.  Ruchi lives and breathes our core values of simplifying, caring, and doing what is right. These values reflect in all areas of her life, as a property investor, a business leader, and a mother.

What We Do?

 If it’s to do with money we can help you. We are able to provide general advice on almost any area of finance. If you need something more specialised, we know some of the brightest minds in the industry, and are able to put you in touch with award winning specialists in various fields.

What we are specialists in, personally, is Credit Advice. This means if it’s to do with debt, we pride ourselves on being the best. Getting into debt, out of debt, managing debt, restructuring or consolidating debt – that’s where we shine.

Who Do We Help?

We work with a wide range of clients at all stages of their property journey. This includes everyone, from people who would like to purchase their first home, but have no idea what is required, right through to experiences investors with investment properties in the double digits! If you have questions about money, property, or loans – try us out!

What Is A Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker is a finance professional who can assist you with getting or improving a mortgage on your property. In the same way that a Financial Planner provides advice on investment products, a Mortgage Broker provides advice an assistance with loan products. A good Mortgage Broker will be much more than this though. A Mortgage Broker (or Credit Advisor) should be an expert in all things property. In addition to knowing the current interest rates being offered, they need to intimately know the specific policy of each lender, the various laws governing property in each state, and the underlying drivers behind the money and investment markets. We see ourselves in the same light as your solicitor or accountant, and we hold ourselves to the same standard of expertise and specialist knowledge that you would expect from those professions.

Historically, Mortgage Brokers have often received a bad rap. To be fair, up until about 2009 the industry was relatively unregulated, and there were many unscrupulous operators doing things the industry is not proud of.

Even now, there is a wide range of quality when it comes to Mortgage Brokers. Because there is a still quite a low educational requirement to enter the industry, you will find some brokers who are new, or just downright poor. Others are only part time, specialising in something else and trying to be a Mortgage Broker on the side. Still others have their hearts in the right place, but are held back because their licence holder only offers a small panel of lenders, meaning they can’t offer many options. This can lead to mixed outcomes for clients, and doesn’t help to improve the industry’s reputation.

At JR Financial, we are passionate about changing the perception of Mortgage Brokers, raising the standard of the industry as a whole, and providing a reliable and trustworthy source of information so that clients can confidently make important financial decisions.

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